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Seven ways to have more time

1. Say no: saying no to something you don’t really want to do allows you to say yes to something that matters: something fun, something spontaneous or even something simple like reading or napping.

2. Clean up your act: organize your things, make sure there is a spot for everything and put things where they go when you aren’t using them. It’s been said we waste a year of our life looking for things: keys, sunglasses, phones, etc. That’s a lot of time that could be spent doing something fabulous or fun or productive.

3. Plan once for the whole week: decide on meals so you shop only once, pick up gifts you might need in the near future, schedule time for workouts, pencil in some free time, etc. It’s so much easier to fit everything in when you’ve mapped it out on your calendar.

4. Delegate: if someone else can do it, consider letting them—even if you have to spend a bit of money. Pick the things you really don’t like to do and get creative figuring out how you can make it so you don’t have to.

5. Turn off the TV: Sometimes mindless TV watching is just fun. Often, though, the time would be better spent doing something that really satisfies you. (This is where you suddenly find time to paint, play the piano, write, read, etc.)

6. Under-schedule yourself (and your kids): want to feel more in control and less crazed? Create a schedule that allows for transition time and down time. This is an easy way to avoid the stress of being in a hurry and a surefire way for days to feel more satisfying.

7. Breathe: when you focus on your breath, you are instantly more present, time slows down and you have the chance to really enjoy the moments. And, since the moments are the building blocks of a life well spent, it’s pretty important to slow down enough to enjoy them.

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