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Dream Day

Have you ever done a dream day exercise? It’s quick, easy, and can give you a perspective shift or some good insight.

If I got to design one full day, here’s what I would do:

  • Sleep in until I woke up naturally (no kid sounds interfering with my slumber)
  • Write in my journal
  • Meditate for 15 minutes
  • Get the kids off to school (in my perfect day scenario they get dressed by themselves, eat breakfast without help and make their own lunches while we all have a lovely conversation about what they want to do to contribute to society when they grow up)
  • Walk to my favorite breakfast place with M (which is not within walking distance but that doesn’t matter for now) where we read the paper and chat about everything and nothing
  • Walk back home and get ready for a quick interview with O Magazine for a feature they are doing on my book during which I come across as articulate and charming and not at all nervous.
  • Meet up with some friends for a fun lunch and something active (kayaking, another walk, tennis?)
  • Come home in time to meet up with Matt to pick up the kids from school (they are glad to see us and full of great energy)
  • A family bike ride to the park and to get ice cream (during which everyone is happy and nobody falls)
  • A yummy dinner out with family at a Mexican restaurant near Lake Washington (in this dream world, the kids are not picky eaters)
  • Home to get the kids to bed (where they fall asleep immediately due the large doses of fresh air and laughter)
  • Play games and chat with M on the deck (it’s warm in this dream and yellow jackets don’t exist)
  • Read a really great book for a while and fall asleep in the comfort of my own bed.

My day is pretty simple, really, but it points to some of the things that are most important to me: family, variety, accomplishment, simplicity, wholeness.

Now, what’s yours? If you have ten minutes to get a bit dreamy, this exercise really is worth your time.

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