About the authors

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See that photo of us together? That was taken the day after we met for the first time. August 23, 2014. Months after we turned our final draft into our publisher. Yep, we wrote a book without ever having met in person. And, we had a blast doing it. We seem to be the perfect partners: our skill sets complement each others’, our perspectives on life and work line up well, and we can make each other laugh without much effort at all.

We both want to help other women succeed and that’s what this book, this site, and this work we do is all about.


Erin Baebler

has spent the past 10 years coaching women in transition through her company, Magnolia Workshop. She has been featured on several mom-focused blogs and websites, had an essay published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms and was a contributor to Five Must Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl. Erin is a sought-after speaker for Seattle-area mom’s groups. She and her husband have two children and live in Seattle.

Lara Galloway

is the Mom Biz Coach – a certified coach, entrepreneur, sought- after speaker, and frequent media guest. She has been interviewed by Forbes, Crain’s Business, The Chicago Tribune and More Magazine. In addition, Lara has a strong social media reach that includes over 24,000 Twitter followers, a Blog Talk Radio show that boasts over 4,000 downloads each week, and a weekly Twitter chat with an average of over 5M impressions. She lives near Detroit, MI with her husband and three children.